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How much does it cost?

Hotel Directory and Hotels for Sale / Hotels for Lease / Hotel Projects have been for a long time and are free services. Chances are that they will remain free though we reserve the right to change them to paid services in future, without obligations for existing clients.

Does HotelBeam accept websites and/or properties other than hotels?

1) For hotel directory HotelBeam accepts exclusively official websites of hotels, motels, inns, b&b's, hostels, holiday resorts. Each website is reviewed for acceptance. Quality of website also matters, please refer to our guidelines. Chain hotels are accepted only with own individual website, i.e. not with chain hotel website.

2) For hotels for sale / hotels for lease / hotel projects section HotelBeam accepts exclusively hospitality properties / hospitality developments for sale (hotels, motels, inns, b&b's, hostels, holiday resorts).

3) Generally If your website and/or property / project for sale is a self-catering property or a small b&b it will be considered but only in rare cases accepted. If your website and/or property is a house rental / house for sale it will not be accepted. Other websites and/or properties / projects will not be accepted.

Does HotelBeam provide a control panel?

Yes, all hotel directory and hotel for sale / hotel for lease / hotel project listings, once approved for inclusion in the directory, include HotelBeam custom-built control panels. These administration areas with various functions provide:

1) For hotel directory listings, 24hrs/day access for editing of hotel directory listing, account and Hotel Page.

2) For hotels for sale / hotels for lease / hotel projects listings, 24hrs/day access for editing of hotel for sale / hotel for lease / hotel project listing, account and advertising page.

3) For hotel buyers registrations, 24hrs/day access for editing of hotel buyer preferences.

What kind of network does HotelBeam rely upon?

HotelBeam relies upon leading internet services and systems. HotelBeam is hosted in servers located in Dallas Texas and well connected with links to Internap, Level3, Time Warner, and AboveNet. Despite using primary internet services HotelBeam can not and does not provide any guarantee that servers or connections will be working at all times and that there will not be loss of data.

What kind of support does HotelBeam provide?

HotelBeam service is designed to be managed on-line by listed hotels/properties/buyers. HotelBeam does not create or manage listings on behalf of hotels and/or hotel-keepers and/or hotel sellers and/or hotel buyers therefore usage of the on-line tools provided to submit and maintain a listing is required. Where indicated by the system or for other needs our support email is available.

Does HotelBeam require a reciprocal link from listed hotel websites and/or properties?

No it does not. HotelBeam is a true hotel directory providing listings and 24/7 hotel content management with its "Hotel Page", property advertising page and hotel buyers list features. Indeed if you wish to link to HotelBeam you are welcome to do so.

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